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The Advantages Of Ecommerce

the advantages of ecommerce image What are the advantages of Ecommerce? Are there many disadvantages of Ecommerce?

Modern Ecommerce, sometimes known as e business, has been around since the mid 1990s, ever since the advent of the World Wide Web. Now anyone can become a global seller of goods, services, and information online. No longer do you need huge distribution networks and management teams to run a successful business. These are the real Ecommerce advantages!
Ecommerce is the perfect example of globalization. Now anyone can become a player in the world wide market. Obviously this too is one of the major advantages of Ecommerce.

In the U.S alone over 60% of people have purchased goods online and that figure is steadily growing.

Online business gives you access to the largest market available, with over 1.5 billion people currently connected and that number growing on a daily basis.

Compare that to the stores in the city or town you live in!

Perhaps your local hardware store or travel agent would have a catchment area of 100,000 people. That is the amount of people who live in the general area of where the store is and are likely to use that business. Most stores are not so lucky to have this many people!

In fact, this figure is normally a lot lower for the traditional brick and mortar store!

You can begin to see where the real advantages of Ecommerce lie. By breaking the restraints of your geographical boundaries, Ecommerce gives you access to the global marketplace.

the advantages of ecommerce graph

If you look at the bar graph you will see the huge difference.

Although this is not a true representation, If I was being accurate that blue bar that represents the potential customers online would have to be 50 feet tall.

And you would spend the rest of the day scrolling down this page!

Are you beginning to see the advantages of Ecommerce?
Or look at it this way, if you were to lay your cell phone flat on the sidewalk under the empire state building and went to the top. That is the difference in potential customers!

The Benefits Of Ecommerce

One of the greatest benefits of Ecommerce is cost! It simply is the most cost effective way to open a business.

Ecommerce business has far fewer overheads than brick and mortar business. There is no expensive rentals or employee costs, insurance, power, phone or any of the hundred other bills that store owners have to deal with on a regular basis.

The low running costs and time effective management are some of the most amazing advantages of Ecommerce.

benifits of ecommerce running costs chart A medium sized Ecommerce business can be run for $25 - $200 a month.

Have a look at the grey area in the chart , these are your running costs for a Ecommerce business.

These low running costs mean a far bigger profit for you! All while staying extremely competitive

Can you see the benefits of Ecommerce!
the biggest benefits of ecommerce graph A small to average sized brick and mortar business will be paying $25 - $200 per square foot, per year in rent.

So that cute little 1000 sq/ft store could be costing $25,000 - $200,000 a year alone.

When you start adding the other essential running costs involved with the brick and mortar stores, the price of owning a business just keep increasing.

Ecommerce business is open 24 hours a day, every day! Time and distance are no longer a problem, you can sell to your customers from anywhere in the world, whatever time zone they live in. This is another one of the major advantages of Ecommerce, your e business doesn't need to close at the end of day!

One of the biggest benefits of Ecommerce is you don't need vast quantities of stock. You carry only what you need or better yet, carry none at all! Many suppliers will ship direct to your customers, meaning you don't have to stock merchandise or even be involved in the postage.

Would you like to see more advantages of Ecommerce?

  • Low maintenance! Once you have spent the time building your Ecommerce business the time spent maintaining it is minimal.
  • Payments are made online instantly meaning no cash handling and no daily accounting.
  • The convenience of shopping online means a better buying experience for your customers
  • Working online gives you a competitive advantage, lower costs mean higher profit margins while keeping prices competitive.

What Are The Advantages Of Ecommerce For You

What do the advantages of Ecommerce really mean for you?

With such a huge customer base, you have the potential to reach vast amounts of people. This is one of the greatest Ecommerce advantages!

This gives you the opportunity to develop a niche market, a lot of people struggle when thinking about what type of Ecommerce business models they could develop!

It is best to build a site around something you enjoy and are passionate about. If you collect 19th century porcelain dolls or war memorabilia. If you were to open a business where you live based around your hobby or passion the market would be very small.

World wide, there are millions of people who share your passion! This is the true advantage of Ecommerce. The sheer amount of people online is staggering!

But what if you are not a passionate collector?

In that case you should build a site based around your strengths and knowledge. Choose something that you are interested in learning about and researching. You are now on your way to success, and the people will soon come!

So you think you don't know anything? But you have spent the last 20 years as a legal secretary, TV salesman or raising your children.

WOW!! you have all that knowledge and experience on a specific subject. Now have another look at the blue bar in the graph, the one that should extend another 50 feet down this page!

You guessed it! Millions of people out there can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

There are successful Ecommerce business models to suit virtually anyone, from the online retailer, to the information provider also known as the "information entrepreneur"

You can build a Ecommerce strategy based around your particular skills, knowledge, or ideas.

The Disadvantages Of Ecommerce

The disadvantages of Ecommerce are far and few between, plus most can be overcome!

The technology can be alien to someone new to Ecommerce therefore all the normal fears and self doubts of engaging in something new and unknown apply.

I recently bought my computer-illiterate sister a years subscription to shopify specialized Ecommerce web hosting company. This specific company has an amazing array of practical tools to help someone new to the world of Ecommerce build a successful website. She has gone from computer illiterate to Web Master in just 3 months! We will have the full revue out shortly.

The single biggest disadvantage of ecommerce is the loss of the personal touch.

That is, that friendly human interaction that you have with the store owner that keeps you going back time and time again.

Build your site with this in mind. Keep it personal and follow up sales with a thank you email. This is easily done with a auto responder.

Send out monthly or quarterly email news letters about updates to your site and offer your customers specials. Tell them about new products, tell them about your holiday, include pictures of you and your family. Give it your own unique personal touch and you will build customer loyalty that will turn the single biggest disadvantage of Ecommerce into your greatest asset- your repeat customer that keeps coming back year after year.

The Advantages Of Ecommerce Are Endless

Ecommerce is here to stay, and it will only grow bigger. It has shown steady growth since its conception in the mid 1990s and the future of Ecommerce has unlimited potential. The advantages of Ecommerce are endless!

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