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What Does FTP Stand For?

what does ftp stand for tutorial What does FTP Stand for?

FTP is another acronym you will often come across online, it stands for File Transfer Protocol and is one of the oldest protocols still in use today.

It came into being on the early networks over 30 years ago where it was used for transferring files.
FTP is used extensively in the downloading of files off the internet. You use it every day, even if you are not aware you are, by downloading music and movies, or bidding on online auctions. It is also used, almost exclusively, in the uploading of web pages.

The two sides of FTP protocol

FTP consists of two sides working in unison, the FTP server and the FTP client.

The FTP server is running on a computer with the specific purpose of storing files. A great example of this is a web hosting server which stores all the pages of web sites being hosted by that company.

The FTP client side of the software is for downloading from the server. This will be running on your computer whenever you are downloading files.

Most graphic interface FTP software will come in the two pane design as in the image below. The left side is the client side showing all the files on your computer, and the right is the server side showing all the files on the server. You can both upload to the server and download from the server. Software like this is used a lot for uploading web pages to the web hosting servers so your pages can be viewed on the internet.

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A brief history of FTP

FTP was developed long before the internet as a way to share files between computers in closed networks. The very first version of FTP was released in 1971, and was called RFC 114.

Many improvements have been made to FTP since its beginnings to keep up with technology advancements. One of the major steps in its development was in 1980 when version RFC 765 was redesigned and released to function through modemsA device used for transferring data between computers over telephone wires.

Now files could be uploaded and downloaded from computers over vast distances using the telephone networks. Previously most networks were closed, only being able to share files between the computers wired to that network. Examples of this include government agencies and universities who had the ability to provide such a service.

Other important developments came during the 80s and 90s and were mostly concerned with making the File Transfer Protocol more secure. This meant that now information could not be viewed or intercepted during the transferring of files.

Despite these improvements, the basic specification of FTP has remained almost exactly the same as when it was conceived over 30 years ago, that is to solve the problem of how to share files between networked computers.

What does FTP Mean File Transfer Protocol

I hope we have helped you better understand what FTP stands for, and when this guys eyes glaze over while trying to baffle you with computer acronyms and terminology you will be able to nod your head with sincere understanding! what does ftp stand for nerd

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