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What does HTML stand for?

what does html stand for markup What does HTML stand for?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.

This is the language used to display everything seen on a web page when you are looking at a website. HTML tells the browser how to display the web page. Everything from the font size, colors, where images are positioned, paragraph breaks, and links rely on the HTML.
From its original version HTML has grown and matured over the years and is still an evolving language, being built, improved and adapted regularly. The first definitive version of HTML was finished in 1995. This became the standard version that all others have been built upon.

This was known as HTML 2.0. In late 1995 another version was being developed HTML 3.0.
It was never completed but many of the new features were integrated into the following version of HTML. This later became the new official version HTML 3.2. This version is still supported by browsers today.

Today HTML 4.01 is the official version, however this will be the last of its breed as a new adaption is currently being used and developed. This new version is known as XHTML or eXtensible HyperText Markup Language.

How does HTML work?

Here are a few simple examples that anyone can understand!

Lets look at text color and size. These have to be described to the browser. This is done with a few simple commands knows as Tags.

The HTML Example

<font size="2" color="red">What does html stand for ?</font>
<font size="3" color="blue">HyperText Markup Language</font>
<font size="4" color="green">Not so hard after all!</font>

The HTML Results On The Page

What does html stand for ?

HyperText Markup Language

Not so hard after all!

If you have never looked at HTML before it can look out of this world, so lets look at it a little closer.

This is telling the browser to make the text/font a certain size! In this case, 2

font size="2"

You guessed it! This is telling the browser what color to display the text.In this example its red.


Lets wrap these two together to tell the browser what size and color we want the text displayed in!

The browser needs to tell the difference between what we want displayed on the page and what the command is, so we need to wrap them up in these brackets <  >, Think of it as opening and closing brackets.

<font size="2" color=red>
Now we need to have a look at the end of this command, which is the closing of this tag.

This is telling the browser that this command is finished. This is achieved with the forward slash before the "font". It is saying this font command is over!

If we forget to close the tag like this, we will end up with all the text on the page being red and a splitting headache!


Lets now put everything together in another example. We want a font/text size of 5 with the text saying "what does HTML stand for?" in the color green

<font size="5" color="green">What does html stand for ?</font>
What does html stand for ?

what does html stand for nerd And there you have it, You are on your way to buying your first pocket protecter!

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