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So What Does HTTP Stand For

so what does http stand for answer What does HTTP stand for??

HTTP is an acronym for hypertext transfer protocol

This is the method used to communicate between browsers and servers on the Internet.

HTTP takes advantage of other protocols known as TCP - IP "Transmission Control Protocol" and "Internet Protocol"
This is how computers talk to each other over networks, this is done by breaking down the data into small packets and sending them to their destination via different routes using packet switching technology opposed to streaming data directly down one route.

HTTP appears in front of every address. On the Internet the address is known as the URL.

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The Definition Of HTTP And More!

The inventor of HTTP protocol, as well as HTML and URL, was a computer scientist working for Cern "The European Organization for Nuclear Research".

Tim Berners-Lee invented this as a way to share information globally. He is considered the father of the World Wide Web.

He is now the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, an organization that sets the standards for the World Wide Web.

What Does HTTPS Stand For?

Every now and again you will notice an S on the end of HTTP. If you haven't seen it before you should look out for it next time you are on a website. This means there is a need for you to enter personal information. The extra S stands for "Secure Sockets Layer" and is a form of encryption that protects personal information like your credit card numbers and passwords from online thieves.

I would suggest that whenever you are required to give sensitive information you check the browser to make sure you see HTTPS!

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What Does HTTPS With A Red Line Through It Stand For

If you come across a site with https in red with a score through it, this indicated the websites security certificate has expired. Websites that ask you to send sensitive information need to keep their security certificates up to date. If these SSL certificates have expired and you are seeing this https then I would advise you to contact the company by email and question them about their security certificates.

Some earlier versions of Google Chrome do have a bug that will invalidate up to date security certificates. I would first use another browser such as Firefox or Explorer to check if the they are showing the same warning. If they are not, update your version of Google Chrome to the most current version and surf safe.

What Do Those Pesky HTTP Error Codes Stand For!

I am sure you have all seen them! Your page doesn't load up and instead you get a HTTP error code (also known as status code) If you have ever wondered what they mean, here are the most common ones you are likely to see. Lets hope you don't see them too often!

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What Does HTTP 400 Bad Request Mean

This generally means your web browser could not find the page, normally this is because the URL has been typed incorrectly into the browser, or the hyper text link you followed was wrong.

What Does HTTP 401 Unauthorized Mean

Normally you will get an error code like this when you are logging into a password protected website. Either you have tried to access a page without first logging in or you have used the wrong password.

What Does HTTP 403 Forbidden Mean

If you see the 403 error code you are most likely trying to access part of a website that is not open to general browsing, something like a directory on the websites server that you are forbidden from viewing.

What Does HTTP 404 Not Found Mean

This is probably the most common error code you will see on the Internet and can come in various forms as websites do customize the message. 404 Not found almost always means that the web page you are trying to view no longer exists.

What Does HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Mean

You may have never seen this error code before. It is something you would receive when there is a problem with the servers that are trying to communicate. This is out of your hands and I would suggest trying again a little later.

What Does HTTP 503 Service Unavailable Mean

If you receive a 503 service unavailable error code it means the websites server is down. This could be for maintenance or due to problems with the site. Its one of those situations you cant do anything about and it would be best to try again later to see if they are back up.

What Does HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout Mean

When you receive the 504 gateway timeout error code it means that one server has not received a response from the websites server in a reasonable amount of time. This could be due to overloading or perhaps slow Internet connections. Just be patient and try again a little later.

What Does HTTP Proxy Mean

A HTTP proxy is a lot like a middle man, your computer will communicate to the internet through a proxy server, this is mostly done for security reasons. Rather than your computer talking directly to the internet, it will go through a proxy server that will gather the information you require and then send this back to your computer for you to view.

Having a proxy enables you to be more anonymous online, hiding your IP address from prying eyes and people with malicious intent.

What does HTTP stand for? Hypertext transfer protocol.

What does HTTPS stand for? Hypertext transfer protocol secure what does http stand for nerd working

Now, when you find you are sitting next to this guy and he strikes up a conversation in jargoneeze you will be able to talk his language, or just tell him "403 Forbidden" He will understand what you mean!

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