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What Does Spam Stand For - How To Stop Email Spam

what does spam stand for What does spam stand for?

Spam, Spam, Spam, We have all experienced those unsolicited commercial junk emails that try to sell us nothing we want and everything we don't need!

They clog up our inboxes and force our email filters to work in overdrive. Sometimes we have more spam than we do correspondence!
There is nothing more frustrating than finding we have been specifically targeted by spammers.

But where did the term spam originate from? This is a mystery that rivals all urban legends!

What Does Spam Stand For - Tinned Ham?

what does spam stand for in computer terms If you look in a dictionary you will find two definitions of spam,

The first being- "A tinned meat product made from ham" and the second definition, the one that concerns us the most- "Inappropriate or irrelevant messages sent via the internet to a large number of users" We all know about, and have felt frustration concerning the spamming of our email. There is nothing more annoying than when a spammer gets a hold of our address and overnight begins to bombard us with unsolicited junk emails in bulk.

So what does this have to do with the tinned ham that goes by the same name?

How To Stop Email Spam Before It Fills Your Inbox

Don't want the entire history of spam. Do you just want to know, how to stop email spam before it fills your inbox with junk? Sick of wading through tedious amounts of unwanted emails to get the few you do want!

You're not alone there, spam has away of making us feel violated. What most people don't know is that email spamming is a crime.

Now you can fight back against the spammers using a product like Spam Bully

Not only is this the most effective spam blocker available. It will do a lot more than just stop spam cold, before reaching your email inbox. It will collect information on the spammers and then use this information to help bring them to prosecution!

Most western countries now have Anti Spam laws and legislation in place. Spammers face imprisonment and fines into the millions, for filling your email inbox with everything from X-Rated to fake Facebook requests in an attempt to sell you something or worse, commit identity theft.

With countries adding Anti spamming laws every year we will start seeing more prosecutions. The US passed its first anti spamming laws in 2003 nick named the Can Spam Act. Officially known as the "Controlling The Assault Of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act" It has been updated yearly to keep up with the fast moving technologies it is aimed at protecting. The latest additions being in March 2012.

What Does Spam Stand For - The Crazy Britts

Enter stage left! The crazy British comedy group Monty Python.

In the 1970s Monty Python released a skit in which "Mr & Mrs Bun" visit a restaurant. Much to their surprise they find that the menu consists entirely of dishes made out of spam!

Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans, and Spam.

Mrs Bun asks for a dish that doesn't contain spam which comes as a surprise for her spam loving husband, and also to the group of Vikings sitting next to them, who proceed to break into song and express their passion for the tinned ham "spam! lovely spam! wonderful spam!"

The skit ends with Mrs Bun screaming, to everyones horror, I DONT LIKE SPAM!

This hugely popular skit mentioned Spam 130 times in its three and a half minute long duration!

What Does Spam Stand For- The Lawyers

Enter stage right! The two lawyers.

In 1994 two lawyers Canter and Siegel from Phoenix, Arizona decided to advertise their services in an upcoming U.S green card lottery.

They devised a plan to advertise on the USENET newsgroup message boards, which at the time was the worlds largest online community.

In April of 1994 they hired the services of a programmer to write the script that would send their advertisement to every USENET group. In 1994 that consisted of several thousand news groups all of which were bombarded with messages advertising the lawyers green card lottery service.

This was the first deliberate attempt at mass posting and the result was not what they had hoped for!

The History Of Spam

Center stage! The burgeoning online community of USENET

One day in April 1994, much to the horror of the online community, every news group on Usenet received a message advertising the services of two lawyers in an upcoming green card lottery.

Before then nobody had abused the power of the internet in such a way, and in the wake of the lawyers advertisements, discussions and debate was rife throughout the news groups regarding this topic.

This was indeed a new phenomenon that, although having caused huge online controversy still had no name. To solve the problem online communities coined the term spam, referring to the Monty Python skit where spam is mentioned 130 times, ending with the catch phrase I DONT LIKE SPAM!

The name stuck, and this second definition of spam now sits proudly in dictionaries word wide.

Perhaps we should all send the Lawyers Canter and Siegel a tin of spam for Christmas and give them a taste of their own medicine!

What does Spam Stand for - Unsolicited commercial emails

what does spam stand for nerd
I hope we have helped you understand where the term spam originated. Now when this guy asks you if you get a lot of spam, you will understand he is not talking about your lunch!

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