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What Is Java? A Java Definition

Cup of java and laptop computer What is Java?

Unlike most of the terms in our glossary Java is not an acronym, it is actually a Trademark.

Java was developed by Sun Microsystems as a cross platform programming language, meaning a computer language that will work across a wide variety of computer systems. It was redesigned specifically for the internet to be used on any system that is Java enabled.

Early in the development of Java the catch phrase was developed "write once run anywhere" which refers to the programs robust cross platform nature.

Java is a very dynamic language that has thousands of applications online and offline. It is currently supported by almost every computer user online today.

What Is Java Used For

What is Java used for? Java allows people a large amount of interactivity online. It is used for online credit card processing, online banking, online auction, games, messaging programs, online calculators, converters, and much more. Social networking sites also rely heavily on the Java programming language.

Even the United States Postal Service website uses Java, their online postage pricing forms that calculate the cost of sending parcels worldwide is a Java application.

This online automation, which would have meant a trip to the post office to get a parcel priced, is time and cost effective for both the company and their customers!

Java has thousands of online applications and is used extensively with great efficiency online to automate a great number of tasks. In fact, an average internet surfer would use Java run applications hundreds of times a week without ever knowing.


What Is Java - Is Java Safe To Use

Is Java safe to use? Just like all software used online and on our PC's Java has its strengths and weakness. Since its conception in 1996 Java has become one of the most used applications online today.

Because of this dependance on Java for online credit card payments, online banking and sending sensitive personal information, cyber criminals have exploited weaknesses found in its programming to commit identity theft and other fraudulent crimes.

Staying safe and protecting your personal information is essential online, it would be very difficult to do just about anything online if you were to remove Java from your computer. You would have No Facebook, No Twitter, No Ebay, No online shopping, No online banking and no fun online.

Having up to date Anti-virus software and Identity theft protection are two of the most important purchases you can make. Safe Surfing!

Java Bug - Jan 2013 Urgent update

The US Department of Homeland Security has released its findings on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities with the Java programming language today. A spokesman announced that:

"Flaws within the Java programming language are leaving the public open to a severe threat of online identity theft and the unauthorized installation of Malicious Software - Malware. There is a very real threat to the general public of credit card fraud, banking fraud and other forms of online theft"

Products like McAfee Anti-Theft and more comprehensive coverage and full protection plans like LifeLock Identity Theft Protection are essential in today's online environment. An identity is stolen every two seconds in the US alone. Protection is the best form of defense against such crimes, as it is virtually impossible to detect an attempt at stealing your identity or personal information.

On average most cases are not detected for six months, well after all the damage has been done.
Identity theft is now considered the biggest threat to computer users online today, please read our page on Identity theft and protection measures.

Java will be releasing updates on a daily basis over the next few months to combat these weaknesses, independent internet security experts are warning the public that it could take up to two years to fix all the vulnerabilities.

The latest Java updates can be found in the section below, Bookmark this page and come back regularly to check you have the most current version and newest security patches.

Latest Java Updates

Java logo and free download
Chances are you already have Java enabled on your computer, but many systems will be running old versions.

Not having Java enabled can restrict your ability to take advantage of all the rich online features that Java brings to the internet. An easy way to check if you're running an old version, or don't have it installed at all, is to check the official Java website for the-

Latest Java Updates

Simply click on the "Do I have Java" link and wait a few seconds. If you do not have Java installed or have an old version I would recommend downloading the latest one.

What Is JavaScript

What is a JavaScript and is it the same as Java?

The answer is No!

Javascript is a completely different language from Java. Javascript is a scripting language that makes adding a little piece of code to your website a very simple process. Anyone can do it!

Javascript can dramatically improve the content of a website. Do you need a clock or date on your site? Dancing bears and hula girls? A quick search online for free Javascripts will result in hundreds of new features you can add to your HTML pages.

A Brief History Of Java

Work on the Java language began in the early 1990s. Initially it was named Oak after the oak tree that sat outside Wayne Rosing office at Sun Microsystems.

Originally the language was designed to connect household machines together, creating a household network. This failed as there was no interest in this type of home automation.

Shortly after, the team at Sun Microsystems known as the Green team redesigned Oak to be used for interactivity with cable television. Unfortunately this also failed as the cable company went with a rivals software instead.

In the mid 1990s with the onset of the internet, a need developed for a language that had a dynamic versatility like that of Oak. The green team set about redesigning Oak for use on the internet and in 1996 the first version of Java, previously known as Oak, was released to a world hungry for cross platform technology.

Oracle logo java In Jan 2010 Sun Microsytems was bought by one of the largest software developers in the world, Oracle purchased Sun Microsytems and its intellectual property "Java" for 6.5 billion dollars. This was a very controversial takeover at the time and was opposed by the European Union under its anti-trust and monopoly regulations. However under pressure from the US government the deal finally went through making Oracle one of the most valuable companies today.

Since its release in 1996 Java has helped shape the World Wide Web into what it is today and Java will also inevitably help shape its future.

The history of Java is one that seemed destined for failure but instead has proved to become one of the most powerful languages online today.

What is java? A robust cross platform programming language.

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I hope we have helped you understand what Java is and what Java is used for. When this guy asks you if you are Java enabled you will understand he is not talking about coffee!

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