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What is Ram and what does Ram stand for?

what is ram and what does ram stand for tutorial What is ram and what does ram stand for in computers?

Ram is another acronym you will stumble upon both on and offline. Ram stands for Random Access Memory and is a temporary type of storage inside your computer.

Ram is considered temporary storage because all the information stored in your random access memory will disappear when the power to your computer is switched off.

Ram is solid state, what this means is that there is no moving parts and is therefore very reliable, basically never breaking down. It is manufactured in much the same way as a microprocessor chip. The ram memory consists of millions of tiny capacitorsA capacitor is a device that stores a small amount of electrical energy that will either hold electrons or not representing the bits and bytes that make up everything stored on your computer.

The amount of ram memory needed depends on what software is running on your computer. You may need a little or a lot of ram to make the application run as intended by the software manufacturer. Software is increasing in size and complexity every year and placing an ever increasing demand on the ram memory that is installed. A sign that you do not have enough ram installed is a slow running computer. Like being stuck in first gear in your sports car your computer will run frustratingly slow. It will appear sluggish when switching between browser pages and software applications wont run smoothly. At times your computer will simply go on strike and freeze.

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Ram is one of the easiest upgrades you can undertake, your computer comes with extra memory slots to accept more ram. Even someone with limited computer knowledge can undertake a ram upgrade.

What is Ram memory used for in computers?

What is ram used for? The ram inside your computer is FAST!

Your computer needs somewhere to store things temporarily while they are being used. It needs to be able to call up the information almost instantly and that is specifically the purpose of the ram inside your computer. When you start a program whether it be computer games, accounting software or your favorite music, it will be sent from the relatively slow hard drive to the lightning fast ram where it can be instantly accessed, with no delay, at unimaginable speeds.

Large software programs can use 100s of megabytes or gigabytes of ram. Add that with your operating system and all the other programs that run silently in the background and your ram can start to seem a little inadequate. When you don't have enough ram on your computer it will start to misbehave as it is forced to rely on your slower hard drive which creates virtual memory to deal with the overflow of information.

If your computer is displaying these symptoms you don't have enough ram!

You can easily check if you need to upgrade your ram by doing the online system scan by the online memory experts. Getting more ram will help you to get the best out of your machine.

Definition of Ram memory types

Ram memory comes in many different types, you need to know what type of ram you have installed in your computer. Ram is one of the few things with which you can be greedy, more is always better!

Two gigabytes of ram would be considered the absolute minimum to have your computer running smoothly, especially with the high demands of todays software. The world moves pretty fast so what is good today will not be next year. Remember when it comes to ram a little more is better than a little less. Future proofing is good!

Having inadequate ram is simply going to frustrate and slow you down!

SRAM - Static random access memory

DRAM - Dynamic random access memory

FPM DRAM - Fast page mode dynamic random access memory

EDO DRAM - Extended data-out dynamic random access memory

SDRAM - Synchronous dynamic random access memory

DDR SDRAM - Double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM

RDRAM - Rambus dynamic random access memory

If you are unsure about what type of ram is installed in your computer you can do a
simple online scan to assess exactly what you currently have and are able to upgrade to.

Installing Ram

Ram is one of the easiest upgrades you can undertake. Your computer comes with extra memory slots for ram, it is as simple as sliding the circuit board containing the ram into one of the extra slots and switching your computer back on. Your operating system will recognize the upgraded hardware and reconfigure your computer automatically.

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what is ram memory blue marker Step One: locate the memory slots for your ram contained on the motherboard. They are easy to locate as they are the only slots that are the same size as your ram, you will see there is ram already installed in your computer next to the empty slots. Don't be intimidated by the complicated appearance of the internal workings of your computer!
what is ram memory red marker Step Two: Slide the ram into the memory slot until it is firmly seated. Push hard as it can take a little pressure to ensure it is fitted adequately. Now push forward until the retaining clips lock the ram memory stick into place, as in the diagram above .
A good rule of thumb is to place your new ram into the first slot. Simply remove your old ram from the memory slot and replace it with your new ram then slide your old ram into the memory slot beside it.

Always be electricity safe, UNPLUG from the wall! Also use a grounding wrist strap to prevent any static discharge.

Yup thats all there is to it!

DONT be afraid to try this simple upgrade, you will save yourself money and learn something new.

A win win situation!

What is RAM memory? A temporary form of memory inside your computer

What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory

I hope we have helped you understand "what is ram" and what ram stands for in computer terms. When this guy asks you if you have enough ram you will know he is not talking about farm animals. what is ram and what does ram stand for nerd

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